Business Ideas for college students

business ideas for students

Every time giving a lecture, I never get tired of inviting students to run the small business whatever type of business.  This invitation is intended so that students have a targeted financial vision. They should start thinking about how to help ease the financial burden of parents.   Their parents  also have to finance the education of other family members.  Well, of course there is no other way to earn income except  by working while in college or doing business while in college.

Working while in college may be an attractive option, but the opportunities are very limited. Very few companies if anyone wants to recruit employees with active student status. Therefore, the second option is actually realistic and wide open. In fact, more students are entrepreneurship than working, especially for diploma and undergraduate students. Of course, it is different from Master and PhD students who are most of them as workers.

Often students argue that starting a business needs a lot of capital.  Often students argue, “we are not descendants of the Rich’s family”. I always motivate students by convincing them that capital is not an absolute prerequisite for becoming an entrepreneur. The most important thing for budding entrepreneurs is the unyielding spirit accompanied by creativity and innovation in capturing business opportunities.

So what business can you do while in college? Before reviewing various college students’ businesses, make sure in advance that the business is run solely to reduce the financial burden of parents. Also, don’t sacrifice college just to focus on business. Usually students who already know money, often fall asleep to complete their studies. Make it as balanced as possible between college and business. Take advantage of the gadgets that you have not only to socialize or enjoy entertainment alone, but make it as a means of income boosting. The Internet of Things is paving the way for students to do business online. 

Well, here is a variety of businesses that can be used as a reference to get additional income without scarifying their study.

  1. Reseller.  The development of online business is so rapid.  Students can choose to become resellers of one or more products.  Resellers position themselves as mediators between suppliers of consumer goods. The business process is simple, you just find a supplier partner and buy their product and then sell it to the end consumer. Profit margin is obtained from the difference in selling price to consumers with the purchase capital of supplier products.
  2. Drop shipper.  Unlike resellers, drop shipper does not require capital to buy products.  As a drop shipper you only help suppliers sell their products without having to buy their products.   Drop shipper revenue is derived from commissions given by product suppliers, while suppliers prohibit drop shippers from raising the selling price.  If the supplier allows the dropship to raise the selling price without giving a commission, revenue is obtained from the difference in the selling price.
  3. Blogger. Those of you who like and have a talent for writing, there is no harm in finding additional income by creating a blog.  Create a blog with a specific niche.  Blog themes can be based on hobbies, tutorials, traveling, culinary, lifestyle, for example. Blogs that are interesting and able to get hundreds or even thousands of visitors will be looked at by advertisers to partner with you as a blog owner. Advertisers are willing to pay some money for their advertising on blogs.  Your job as a blogger is how to create a blog containing quality content that visitors like.  You can also offer content placement services on the blog you create.
  4. YouTuber.  The phenomenon of many celebrities gaining the coffers of money from the YouTube platform, hints that there is a business opportunity here. Those of you who like to make interesting video content there is no harm in starting to glance at being a YouTuber. Just like a blog, you must create a YouTube channel that contains video content with special interests. If your channel gets the attention of many visitors and you sign up for Google AdSense, do not rule out the possibility of earning from google partner ads.
  5. Web Developer. Well for those of you who have special skills tinkering with the website, it never hurts to dare to offer website creation services.  This skill is certainly not much owned by others.  Income is obtained from the project of creating a website according to the client’s request. You can capture opportunities from MSME actors who have limited knowledge and skills in creating the web as a means of promotion and online sales of their products.
  6. Graphic Designer. Digital media has changed the product promotion model.    Conventional promotion is done by printing brochures, flier, and banners.  All such promotional media, now it has been abandoned and turned to online media. Open business opportunities for those of you who have skills in the field of graphic design. Like   web developers, graphic designer income is obtained based on projects requested by clients.
  7. Online marketplace. You are certainly familiar with marketplaces such as Alibaba, Amazon, Lazada, Shopee, Blibli and dozens of other marketplaces. The ease of shopping online in the marketplace, provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to open an online store without having to have a physical store. Those of you who want to sell products, can take advantage of it by opening an online store in the marketplace for free.

Of course, there are many varieties of student-style business in addition to those described above.  Remember there are a lot of business opportunities if you want to start doing business while in college.  Most importantly, maintain a  determination to worship by reducing the financial burden of parents  in financing your studies.  Greeting’s entrepreneurs!

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