How do students get money from blogs?

How do students get money from blogs?

Currently, blogs are no longer identified as a medium for posting your thought or personal stories. The function of the blog has changed when compared to the beginning of its appearance. Currently, Universities, for example, utilize blogs as a medium to support teaching and research activities. Small-scale businesses began to be moved to optimize blogs to improve their product sales performance.

Interestingly, not a few people who initially work in an agency with a stable income are willing to switch professions to become professional bloggers. They argue blogs provide an opportunity to scavenge windfalls without being tied to time and place. It could be independence in work and wanting to be the boss for himself to encourage the transfer of the profession.

Students are actually in addition to utilizing blogs for lectures, they can also use blogs for getting additional income. Although it seems to reference, the intention to help to disburse the financial burden of parents is what should be an encouragement to monetize student-style blogs. So how do students get out of a blog?

First, become an advertising publisher. When your blog has many visitors, it never hurts to register your blog as a publisher. Many providers of advertising marketplace services both domestically and abroad with their advantages and disadvantages. You can search on google How to become a publisher in certain ad marketplaces. If you are lucky to be able to register a blog on Google Adsense. Well for that one service the terms and conditions accepted as a google partner are very heavy.

Second, backlink service providers. If your blog has a fairly high Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), and Google Index, then please try to register a blog on the backlink service marketplace. Usually, service providers can earn income from order writing articles by reviewing certain company product info can anchor text or keywords or links requested in the writing. It can also be an order in the form of article placement that has been made by the ordering company, your job is only to post the article on the blog that you manage.

Third, become an affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a business model with a system of providing commissions for one’s services for their success selling other people’s goods and services through internal marketing. Blogs can be used as marketing agents for a product. You can register as an affiliate marketing from certain merchants that offer this one program. Income is earned in the form of commissions if there are customers who buy products through the intermediary of your link as an affiliate.

Fourth, become a reseller or drop shipper. These two positions are being loved by potential entrepreneurs. The phenomenon of increasing online business opens opportunities for students to become resellers or drop shippers without having to sacrifice college time. Your blog can be used to start just a product display or more seriously by opening an online store with a blog platform. Here your blog serves as a medium of promotion of goods and services that support your work as a reseller or drop shipper.

Of course, there are many other opportunities that you can catch to monetize the blog. One thing to note is that whatever strategy you choose to scavenge dollars from blogs is to make sure that blogs always post quality and original content. This will certainly attract netizens to visit your blog. The higher the traffic of blog visitors, the higher your chances of earning additional income from the blog. How the strategy increases blog visitors, routinely search on Google, and register to join the community of bloggers. In this community, you will get knowledge about blogging shared by community members. Well, wait moreover, immediately monetize your blog.

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