Understanding the 9 personalities of entrepreneurs

Understanding the 9 personalities of entrepreneurs

During my entrepreneurship course, I ask my students to question themselves whether they have a personality character asan entrepreneur. Common questions when someone intends to pursue a profession as an entrepreneur. To strengthen the intention to become an entrepreneur need to learn and understand the 9 personality types of entrepreneurs. By knowing the personality type in running a business, you can be more directed in leading the business. Let’s look at those nine personalities!

The first type is the Improver. Entrepreneurs who have this personality when they run a business by highlighting the improver style alias want to always improve. You as an entrepreneur use your company to improve the world. Improvers have a strong ability to run a business. They also have high integrity and ethics. But what needs to be considered is to be aware of your nature that tends to be a perfectionist and too critical of your employees and customers. An example of an entrepreneur type improver is Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop.

The second type is the Advisor. This type of business personality is willing to provide high levels of help and advice for its customers. The motto of this advisor is that the customer is right and we should do anything to please them. But keep in mind that an advisor can be too focused on the needs of their business and customers, so tend to ignore their own needs and may even cape heart themselves. An example of an entrepreneur in this category is John W. Nordstrom, founder of Nordstrom.

The third type is the Superstar. This is a business whose center is surrounded by the charisma and high energy of the Superstar CEO. Business people with this personality usually build their business with their own personal brand. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs with this type can become too competitive and workaholics. An example of this type of entrepreneur is Donald Trump, CEO of Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts.

The fourth type is the artist. Business people like this usually like to be alone but have high creativity. They are usually found in businesses that require creativity such as advertising agency companies, web design, and so on. However, this type of businessman can be too sensitive to customer response, although criticism from them is constructive. An example of this type of entrepreneur is Scott Adams, founder, and founder of Dilbert.

The fifth type is the Visionary. A business built by a visionary is usually based on the vision of the future and the thoughts of its founder. Business people have a high curiosity to understand the world around them and will make plans to avoid all sorts of obstacles. Unfortunately, a visionary is often too focused on their dreams and less grounded in reality. Well, don’t forget to accompany your vision by taking concrete actions. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft Inc. It’s an example of visionary.

The sixth type is the analyst. If you run a business as an analyst, your company usually focuses on solving problems in a systematic way. Often based on science, technical expertise or computers, a company analyst is usually great at solving problems. Keep in mind this type to be careful with analysis paralysis. Work by trusting others. An example of an entrepreneur the analyst is Gordon Moore, founder of Intel.

The seventh type is the Fireball. A business owned by the Fireball is usually operated with full life, energy and optimism. Customers feel your company is run with fun behavior. It is noteworthy by this type of entrepreneur that it can be excessively committed to the team and behave too impulsively. Balance your conclusions with a business plan. An example of this type of entrepreneur is Malcolm Forbes, publisher, and founder of Forbes Magazine.

The eight types is the Hero. This businessman has an extraordinary willingness and ability to lead the world and his business through all sorts of challenges. You are the core of entrepreneurship and can gather many large companies. The weakness of this type lies in making promises and using full-strength tactics to get things done. You won’t succeed in the long run. To be successful, trust your leadership skills to help others find their way. An example of this type of entrepreneur is Jack Welch, CEO of GE.

The ninth type is the Healer. If you are a ‘healer’, you are a caregiver and a guardian of harmony in your business. You have incredible defensive ability and determination accompanied by calmness from within. Nevertheless, because of the nature of your attention and your continued in running a business, you may be avoiding the realities out there and always being over expectancy. Use the planning scenario to prepare for the coming problem. Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben &Jerry’s Ice Cream, is an example of such an entrepreneur. Well, by knowing and understanding nine personality types in running a business, you can be more directed in building a business. But no less important is knowledge and skills about the ins and outs of the business itself.

Understanding the 9 personalities of entrepreneurs
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