Recognizing yourself triggers entrepreneurial intentions

recognizing yourself triggers entreprenerial intention

When you want to be a successful entrepreneur, this article will guide you how to trigger your entrepreneurial intentions.

Humans have desires and needs that increase with age. One of them is a student who has an age range of 18-25 years. This age is the time when a person wants to continue exploring himself and tends not to want to be regulated by others. This can be said to be a trial-error process in him. It is in early adulthood that they have begun to think about the future and do not want to depend on others anymore. This characteristic is what makes it common for students to have the hope to open their own business. 

People who open their own business can be said to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is defined as people who dare to take risks to innovate to run their business. An entrepreneur is never afraid to dream. For them, something big starts with a small thing first. Likewise with entrepreneurship that can start from an intention or intention. Moreover, seeing the ease of obtaining information in this era makes the opportunity to realize this intention even greater. In accordance with the typical characteristics of entrepreneurship, someone who has determination and intention is always curious and will analyze the opportunities that exist and will not give up easily.

Nowadays, entrepreneurship does not have to bother looking for and paying the rent of a place. Many entrepreneurs start at home. This can be realized due to technological advances. Under these conditions, rent can be allocated to other things such as for promotion or packaging. Moving from one point to another is difficult. Uncertainty makes them feel tired because they feel they have not achieved the desired result. Often they forget that there are no instant results especially if they start from scratch.

In general, the entrepreneurial process has four stages, including:

First, the start stage. This stage is the simplest stage where it starts from an intention to do business. Usually someone who is in this stage is happy to see the business opportunities around him, then start looking for information about the type of business they want to run. In the starting stage there is one more important stage to think about, namely capital. Capital is an important factor for the sustainability of a business. The source of this capital can come from the results of personal savings, forming a team, or borrowing from other parties. This capital is not only useful at the beginning of the business, but it must be thought of until at least 3 months after the business is realized.

Second, the stage of carrying out the effort. This is a more serious stage than the first stage. This stage is the process of realization of the intentions that are possessed occurs. Conflicts and problems also began to approach when carrying out this stage. So that he will learn to make decisions, dare to take risks and also evaluate.

Third, the stage of maintaining the effort. This stage is a continuation of the evaluation carried out. An entrepreneur will see the results of his business development and weigh it for its long-term viability.

Fourth, the stage of developing a business. If the third stage has good results and is stable for a long period of time, then the target to be achieved is to expand the amount of effort.

In running a business, the results obtained are not necessarily in accordance with the plan. Difficult situations are often encountered in everyday life. Therefore, a person with characteristics wants everything that is certain and easily gives up cannot deal with the situation. It is someone with a steely mentality who can survive in that world. There is an intelligence called Adversity Quotient (AQ) or often also called Adversity Intelligence. This intelligence is related to a person’s endurance in dealing with problems. In the end, if a person who has high intelligence will be able to win facing various difficulties that come when the process of gathering intentions until the realization of his business.

Everything has both positive and negative sides. Likewise with starting your own business. It is not easy to keep the intentions that are owned from the beginning. There are times when they think too much about the risks that exist so that in the end the prospective entrepreneur undoes his intention to plunge in the business world. It is common for whispers from the outside environment to make doubts to try to get bigger. Sometimes, if we rely too much on others, we will feel disappointed more often. Meeting many people, establishing relationships is a good and important thing to do because humans are social creatures who cannot live alone. Especially in the early adult phase like this.

Self-knowledge is certainly limited, we also need to observe and listen from the outside environment, however, do not let that outside environment take control of our dreams and plans. Just pick up, observe, analyze, and make the conversation from others as an input for yourself. Although we fail in doing an effort however, if it is the result of self-planning, of course there is still a feeling of satisfaction because we have tried and become a material for self-evaluation in the future. It is different if when we fail however, the result of the interference of others or other external factors in it. We tend to blame others and regret for not following ourselves.

When dreaming of having a business do not think too much about external factors until it drags on. Sometimes we just need courage, determination, intention, and confidence in ourselves in getting started. Instill that failure will always go hand in hand with success and not all failures are bad. Don’t be afraid to start and learn. Do not let the brilliant ideas that have been owned just be a dream without ever being realized. Know the opportunity does not come repeatedly.

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